Friday, March 2, 2012



They say when you undergo something it's best to have someone mocking you publicly have someone to keep you accountable, as such here's a link to my HoM account in case anyone wants to track how I'm doing.

I did have an amazing experience last night, shortly after I took this screenshot:

I was visited by a strange Aztec squirrel god and he told me how I could get all the elite skills and armor sets for the entire game.  All I had to do was construct a giant stone pyramid in my backyard, collect the tears of 1000 angry nerds, then offer them up over a ceremonial flame fueled by energy drinks and bleach.

Seriously though, I'm powering through the Asura portion of EoTN right now, and dealing with all those frost elementals as a MM build is proving challenging.  I'm looking to perhaps switch things up in hopes of being more effective. It's a strange and exciting adventure looking for builds/templates. When you consider the last expansion came out in '07, what constitutes as "the latest build"?

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