Thursday, March 15, 2012

HoM, Sweet HoM

So I bet you all thought I'd given up by now and moved on to something else, but no "True Believers" I'm still working my way across GW1 clearing out everything possible.

Today finds us outside the Desolation taking in the sights:
You'll notice GW still hasn't given up on my personal well being or hopes for my hygiene 
Aside from the nostalgia for Emperor and a crippling fear of missing a quest someplace, I'd say the group is holding up well. We also see Koss sporting some new shiny duds that will get him a statue in the HoM. I'm ashamed to say I just discovered there are journals that you can turn in for various title grinds, so I'll be re-doing some of those.  That should save some time on my completion goals. Finally finding and getting proper builds for all my Heroes has been a big help too. I've also begun to find the bits and bobs for the Black Moa quest, so I'll post more when I have that one completed. But for now it's back to the desert, and walking without rhythm.

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