Thursday, April 12, 2012

GW2 Saucecast!

In Episode 3 of the GW2 Saucecast, we discuss an interesting article comparing SWToR to GW2, specifically in how they stack up against each other in the area of single-player story line.

Join us in welcoming our newest host, Kysif, and also in making fun of Screwtape for his insane dedication to this podcast.  Have a listen and find out why...




  1. Dropped loot and experience is always appropriate to your actual level because content is always a challenge with down leveling. Karma reward items and end dungeon items might not be scaled up but you can get the skin and use a T-stone.

    1. Hey thanks for the comment! Do you know of any sites that have breakdowns of T-Stone info?


      I've seen some karma merchants in videos but couldn't tell you which ones so the wiki is probably the best source. Of course that is limited to the 1-30 level betas and the gem prices are mostly likely an unapproved leak of the cash shop. So you know subject to change like just about everything else.

    3. Awesome, thanks much. I'll be sure to bring that up next podcast.