Monday, May 7, 2012

Engineer PvP Guide

To blow it up, or not to blow it up...that is never the question.  

Do you enjoy blowing things up? How about playing with fire, and mixing delicious elixirs to share with allies, all while dancing on your enemies' corpses? If you do, then this guide is for you. Azshene and Teldo of Team Paradigm have joined forces and created a guide to Engineer PvP. Fair warning - it is a bit of a long read, but definitely worth the time, even if you are remotely interested in playing the Engineer class.  And because of the nature of combat in GW2, and how much movement and coordination is needed, I would even say it is very much worth it for PvE'ers to read as well.  From the length, and detail of the guide, it is very easy to see that these two guys spent a lot of time with the Engineer.  Just a tidbit of what you can expect from the guide:
"The weapon/device kits are effectively weapons which you store in your utility skill slots; they each have 5 abilities available to them. Some examples of these are the flamethrower kit and the bomb kit, you can use however many of these as you like at a given time, giving you up to a total of 4 effective weapon sets to swap between. If you have more than one active however it’s important that you pick up the major trait in tools which reduces the recharg between swapping weapon sets or you’ll often end up being locked out of your weapon sets as they’ll be put on a 5 second recharge whenever you swap from a weapon kit back to your main weapon set."
Head here to read the full guide.

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