Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preparing for the Inevitable


I am Professor Screwtape, I'll be co-authoring this blog and therefore a party to the ensuing madness that is to become GW2.

As we've begun to see the groundswell of data at last for GW2 I was forced to pause and recollect of my previous adventures in GW1. 

Looking back I'm shocked to see how little I actually accomplished. Although to be fair at the time I experienced the world through a satellite connection, so "crap colored glasses with tinting made of suck" if you will.

(Look at him, I'm pretty sure I can see dust on his shoulders) 

In light of this I've set out to amend the grievous wrong:
The goal is to complete a minimum of 30 points in the HoM before either GW2 hits, or I get a beta and forever sucked in. This space and you (un)fortunate readers will be witness to my striving and observations along the way.

I'll be following a rough plan pulled from sources much more knowledgeable then myself.

Those of you who have accomplished this feat, any insight you can share will be most welcome. 

And so with this final line I transition "from dreamy aspiration to laborious doing."

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